Gig Performances

As well as writing and recording their own music, Wise Intentions play an extensive range of covers to suit a wide range of audiences. From modern rock and pop artists such as Green Day, Blink-182, Kaiser Chiefs, Sum 41, One Republic and Muse through to classic rock bands such as Guns 'n' Roses, Lynard Skynard, Pink Floyd and Queen. Other styles may also feature through such covers from Brian Adams, Elvis, Chuck Berry, The Kinks and Jerry Rafferty. The band quite aptly state 'There is something for everyone'.

Performances are punchy and energetic; yet feature contrasts between the dynamic ups and downs of anthems and ballads. Setlists are carefully tailored to ensure optimum musicality and entertainment - ensuring that each song acts as a perfect foil for the next. The band are extremely professional in their working practice and good-humoured in character; but once the music starts there is no holding back.

The sheer youthful energy of the three brothers expressing themselves as musicians is a unique and distinct experience to be had at any gig. Audience interaction, humour and spontaneity are all aspects that make a Wise Intentions performance extremely memorable, refreshing and uplifting.