Keep The Dream Alive

It takes so much with the way in which we live
To know when to swallow your pride and learn how to forgive
When to admit you're wrong
But have the strength to carry on
Learn to keep the faith and keep holding on

When we don't listen to what's been said, we're going over old ground
Taking our eyes off the road ahead and fighting for the crown
Losing our concentration
Letting go of our intuition
Needing to break the chains that are holding us down

It's just to keep the dream alive
It feels so close and yet so far away
They're trying to open up our eyes
Let us know that in the end what we're doing is right

So now we're letting go of what's been said so hopelessly tonight
The darkness fades away and so the sun gets in your eyes
Now we're protected by the knowing that there's help along the way
Praying and believing that we'll find it there some day
So now we're standing here united by the one thing that we love
We've come to realise that there's light shining from above
And when the day comes that we wake up and we ask the question why
It's just because they're letting us know what we're doing is right

Copyright © Wise Intentions 2015