Sky's Gone Black

It came in the still of the night
No time to prepare
Put the wrong right
And I know that it's coming back
Well what do we do when we've lost track?
And we may never be found again

Can't change the past; gotta correct the present
Terror that'll last
And I know there's nowhere to go
Might as well forget it when you know
That there's no escaping it

Well what do we do when the sky's gone black?
And we know it'll never be blue ever again
Gone past the point and now there's no way of going back
And now we're running out of men
And we're being forced to go back again

There's no objective; there's no weak point to aim for
It's not worth it to live
And our reinforcements are gone
And there's no hope left - not worth carrying on
'Cos we've been abandoned yet again

Every man; every man for himself
Good luck to you all
Collect my medals off the shelf
And now we're going to war
Never felt like this before
And I don't know where
Just hope God welcomes me there

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